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A mortgage loan, up to 95% of the real estate value and a low margin, will allow you to fulfill your dreams of owning a flat. A housing loan for young married couples with a loan term of up to 35 years and a low interest rate.

The apartment is the most important purchase of our life. Of course, you can always rent them from others, but think about how much you lose!

Your own apartment is a dream for everyone. Indeed, it is not easy. It is difficult to find the right accommodation, even less than 100,000 zlotys, and it is certainly difficult to build your own home. So how can you change your future?


Can you afford to rent an apartment?

rent an apartment

Consider! If you pay around 1500 zlotys for a flat you rent every month, you can definitely take out a mortgage. Then, instead of giving someone money that really disappears, and only allow you to use the apartment for a certain time, you buy your own flat, only a piece – in installments. It’s like buying a property in installments. And you will certainly find a mortgage, which installment will be as much as rent.


Mortgage is independence!

Mortgage is independence!

Nothing gives independence just like your own home. You can finally forget about the parents’ rules and start your own life , from scratch and in your own way. Own color of the walls, own ideas of interior design – full independence .]

Without a doubt! It can not be denied that it is a commitment for several years. Remember, however, that you can not rent an apartment indefinitely – it is absolutely unprofitable . Do you want to give your half-man a half of his pay every month? Is it not better to pay the sum of the installment , which makes you the owner of an ever-larger part of your apartment?

Hardly anyone has a chance to buy a flat for cash – is it possible in today’s realities? Therefore, the best solution is a mortgage that will save you, or rather not lose, on the constant renting of an apartment.


Is a mortgage for you?

Of course yes! If you only want to start an independent life, you have a permanent job and earnings that allow you to repay the loan, do not hesitate – apply today for a loan that will change your life.


How do you choose the perfect mortgage?

You will do best if you give your finances to specialists. Certainly, you are not able to compare all offers yourself, calculate your creditworthiness – they will do it for you . Only on this site, you can freely use the mortgage comparison website, which will present the best offers for you just in front of you.

The whole, developed by the best and experienced specialists in the industry! What’s more, you will find here offers from 30 banks, updated daily by financial advisors. No matter how you try, you can not check all offers on your own in one day – every day, the finances are changing and the offer may no longer be up to date. Thanks to this site, you have access to up-to-date, reliable and accessible information that you would take weeks to collect yourself.

Do not hesitate! Make your dreams come true, change your life. Finally, live in your own apartment, which you deserve. Use the comparison engine and rankings, choose the best offer and enjoy your own four corners as soon as possible!


Comparison of mortgage loans – home loans

Comparison of mortgage loans - home loans

Compare mortgage loans and choose the best, most advantageous home loan for yourself and your family. Without leaving your home, make an appointment with an adviser at a bank outlet. Get a dream apartment.

The mortgage loan at Citi Handlowy Bank is the loan amount up to PLN 6,000,000 and property valuation carried out at the Bank’s cost . The purchase of real estate from the primary or secondary market is financed. The new mortgage loan at the Citi Handlowy Bank is even cheaper now.